Blog Life University 2016 Speaker- Jordyn Coffin, Almost Supermom

This year’s Blog Life University has a great line-up of speakers.  Jordyn Coffin from Almost Supermom will be giving her tips on how to make your photos pop.

Blog Life University 2016 Speaker Jordyn Coffin from Almost Supermom

Blog Life University 2016 Speaker Jordyn Coffin, Almost Supermom

Blog Photography Tips to Make Beautiful Pics!

We are excited to announce that Jordyn from Almost Supermom is presenting at Blog Life University 2016 in Atlanta, Ga.  Jordyn is a busy mom of 6 and runs the ever growing blog Almost Supermom where she shares her life, delicious recipes, and fun adventures with her family.

If you’ve seen Jordyn’s photos then you know she’s got an eye for photography– whether it’s food, crafts, family, home decor, etc.  She’s going to teach us the simple tips and tricks that she does to take a blah photo to a Pinterest worthy work of art!  Jordyn also works as a paid contributor and virtual assistant for other bloggers and will teach you the skills you need to take your photography to the next level.

Go get your tickets TODAY before they sell out and don’t miss Jordyn’s session: Blog Photography- Taking Photos from Blah to Beautiful!

You can follow Jordyn at Almost Supermom, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Blog Life University is a conference for bloggers of all levels being held in Atlanta, Ga on July 21-23, 2016.


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