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Lesson 2- Designing Your Blog

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There’s a few simple design tips to keep in mind when designing your blog.  You want your blog to look clean and professional in order to work with brands and there’s a few rules to follow when designing your blog.

Blog Design Tips

Lesson 2- Designing Your Blog

1. Choosing a Color Scheme

When deciding on colors for your blog you want to choose colors that are easy on the eyes, simple to read, and look good together.  You also don’t want to use a different variation of these colors– you need to stick with the EXACT colors that you choose.  That’s where HEX codes come in.  HEX codes are the 6 digit number and letter that correspond to an exact shade of a color across all html codes.  For example the blue that is used throughout is HEX code #0066cc and the primary green is #009900.  Everything that I make for Blog Life Network uses these 2 exact colors.

I suggest checking out and choosing your colors– you can then input them into Canva and see if you like the way they look together.  Watch this short video to see how to design your colors in Canva.

2. Designing a Logo

There are several different ways to go about designing a logo.  If you’re super awesome at graphic arts then just make your own.  If you’re okay at graphic arts you can design a logo through Canva.  But if your horrible at graphic arts then I suggest hiring this job out.  You can usually hire a decent graphic designer on Fivver for $5.

3. Keep the background simple.

Think about the walls in your house when deciding on a background for your blog.  You want to keep the background simple so that what you’re featuring on your site stands out and POPS!  Now, I know…plain white walls are BORING.  So, I’m not saying you can’t have some color or even a little bit of designer wallpaper….just keep it toned down and leave the loud Lilly Pulitzer paisley as an accessory piece.

4. Keep your fonts legible.

I know what you’re thinking….”What’s wrong with a pretty script font so it looks like my handwriting? That will make my blog more personal because it’s like I’m writing my readers a letter.”  So here’s the lowdown….yes, it’s cute but it’s really a cliche now and most people aren’t able to easily read a script font.  Now, there is a time and place for script fonts….just like the Lilly Pulitzer paisley you want to use script fonts as an accent piece not the main attraction.

Rule of thumb is you want to use a sans serif font for the body of your text.  Then use a serif font for your headings.  And a script on occassion or even as a title…use it minimally.  So, are you wondering what sans serif and serif fonts are?  Don’t worry….I had no clue what these were until I attended my first blogging conference.  Serif fonts are the ones that have a little extra on the ends (look at “Keep your fonts legible.” on this page….that little extra on the ends of the K…that’s what serif means.  Sans serif is the body of this post where it’s very simple straight stick letters.

5. Big, Bright Photos

Now I know you’ve heard the term “a picture is worth a thousand words”….well it’s especially true in the blogging world!  It doesn’t matter what kind of blogger you are…you NEED images.  But not just any images you need BIG, BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHT images!  Images that make people want to come to your blog…in this current world of Pinterest– your image is your advertisement for your blog.


If you’re a food blogger I HIGHLY recommend you get Tasty Food Photography by Lindsay Ostrum of Pinch of Yum.  It’s basically my food photography bible.  She makes everything so easy to understand and shows you step by step how to get amazing shots.

If you have a post that you just can’t come up with a relevant photo for then make a text image (like the one above- watch this video to see how).  I LOVE using PicMonkey for making images and editing my own images.  There’s no need to run out and buy Lightroom or Photoshop….you can use PicMonkey to easily make your photos POP!

And there you have it– some of my top blog design tips!

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